Why live betting – well, can the others be called betting at all? Only with live betting you can combine the thrill of watching your favourite team or player and the chance to win a buck, that is if you are farsighted and if you have the proper view of the game. Only by live betting can you feel a part of the game. Of course, not only are there the emotional benefits of these bets, but there is much more to it, namely.

Have an insight of the teams
I don’t know about you, but I bet only on teams that I am watching at that moment or at least the ones that I’ve watched not more than a few days or months ago. The results and statistics are one thing, but it is another thing to have an insight of the game and to know how a team will react to certain game situations. It is good to see with what mood the team is playing, are the players unworn, do they seem motivated – things that you cannot know until the games begins.

Example. United are losing – this means that they will rush with all their strength to square despite of who is the opposing team – expect equalization or even in their net, depending on the opponent.

Team information

Although in the world of internet all kind of information about matches and configurations of the teams playing can be found, there is no way anyone can guarantee how accurate it is, what is on the trainer’s mind and if anyone will be injured at the last minute. Although football is played by 11 people it is very often that the lack of a certain key player is crucial to the outcome of the game and when betting online you know if he is on the field or not.
Example: Liverpool are losing 0-2, Stevie Gerrard enters and turns the match with a score and takes the lead for his teammates to 3-2.

Watch games for free
The moment you register in most of the major online bookmakers you are able to watch live football and other sports matches and various competitions FREE. Among them are most of the best football championships (unfortunately, without Premiership and Champions League) and the best tennis tournaments (including Wimbledon as an example). The quality of broadcasting is not the best, the windows where they are shown are small, but if you have good internet connection there are no pauses and you can watch several games or competitions with a single mouse click.

Get away with a minimal profit/loss
Some bookmakers give you the chance to retract your bet with some of the estimated profit/loss depending on whether the match goes in your favor or not. With some this is possible only in cases where there is a positive result (such as Betfair), and with others even if you lose and yet it is likely to win (like Unibet).

Example: Sevilla attack Santander from the very first minute and I immediately put 1.70 on 1. Having scored they pulled back and allowed Santander to take control. The moment I saw which way the wind was blowing I got out by around 50% of the profit. Afterwards, the result became 1-2 and 2-2 by the end, and I saved a lot of losing my temper and a few bucks.

Everyone will tell you that the moment you bet online the odds have already dropped down and they are not as high as 2-3 days before the match. That’s true, but only at the beginning of the game. If the expected by everyone result – for example the favourite team doesn’t score within the first 10 minutes, then the winning price of the favorite team will be much higher than the one 2-3 days ago.
Example: Barcelona is host to a weakling in La Liga and the odds before the game is something like 1.05, if, however, they do not score within the first 10-15 min, then the odds will go up to lets say 1.15 – 1.20.

The bets
Yes, everyone will say that betting before the match is much more diverse and offers far more options than the usual 1×2. This, however, is not always the case – some bookies offer plenty of opportunities to provoke your interest and make the most out of your bets. From my experience with leading bookmakers I have noticed that there is not a single one which can satisfy all my requirements – some I like for one thing, others for something else, therefore I advise you to register with 4-5 of the leading bookmakers and to combine the best from their bets.

Example: A team is fiercely pushing the other and creates position after position, but the goal may not come within the desired timeframe. Betting on it to get first to 3,5,7 corners, which can be found only on Live Betting can help you with such a game.

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