A tricky future for retail betting in the UK

Placing a bet in a betting shop nowadays is the equivalent of choosing to tie a letter to a carrier pigeon rather than sending an email.  For starters, betting shops are hardly the most welcoming of places and the fact you have to get dressed. leave your home and dedicate time to go to the shop in the first place is an instant NO from me.  Like  my local betting shop in London, for example. It has a padlock on the toilet door, A padlock! ‘That doesn’t exactly scream “come and enjoy a bet in this friendly envininment,” does it?

At least shops are often quiet; excerpt for Grand National day when every man and his dog chooses to place a bet, Another issue I have with betting shops is the interaction. People don’t like to communicate with other people in 2019; self-checkout in the supermarket chains prove that. But betting shops have those too I hear you say?

Well let’s discuss them in more detail. Trying to use one of those machines is about as painful as the first time you showed your nan how to use the Internet. Good Lord, they are horrendous, even if you have the patience of a saint.  You have to hold your thumb an inch away from the team you are trying to select just to add it to your bet slip.

Why would you opt to choose your football selections on a screen which, not only looks as if someone has smeared Vaseline all over it, but has been fondled by thousands of people? Your mobile can do all this for you and more, from the comfort of your own home or while you are on the move.

The horseracing cards pinned around the shop are surely a thing of the past too. Pricing within this sport fluctuates more than the stock market and the newspaper sheets are often meaningless by midday.

If you can look past a shop’s appearance. what it has to offer isn’t often all that spectacular in comparison to betting apps. You’re met with limited markets and more often than not, pretty poor prices. The introduction of cash-out can he a player’s dream or nightmare.

However, if you’re one leg away and it isn’t looking great, one tap on your mobile phone and you’ve instantly boosted your account balance; something which doesn’t exist on a sheet paper. Betting in a shop is limiting your potential winnings.

Admit it; you’ve also probably lost a bet slip in your ti.e. You’ve no doubt told your friends it was definitely coming in as well but let’s not digress..

Technology has killed the high street, yet for some reason, operators still appear flxated on keeping their shops open, even after ihe maximum stake reduction on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), from £100  to £2,

Two operators attempted to launch new games on the first day of the FOBTs cut, which the Gambling Commission was not pleased with. Huge shock, right?

We live in a world where realistically, we never have to go outdoors ever again. Everything can be brought to your front door. Now, I’m not proposing this choice of lifestyle, but the point remains, If  you can save time and use something better, you would and you can. You wouldn’t have headed out to Blockbuster to rent film alter setting up a Netilix account, and the same applies to betting. Unless the shops innovate soon, it could be time to move on.