Unibet is looking for the Live Betting Champion!

Want to write your name in the Unibet Live Betting Champions Hall of Fame and get your share of the €20,000 prize pool? Participate in our hugely popular Live Betting Championship and maybe it is you who cashes in the €7,500 first prize!

Here’s how it works

In order to participate you’ll have to register with Unibet and opt in to the promotion. You can opt-in by entering your Unibet username below and clicking “Save”. Please make sure that you enter your Unibet username exactly as it appears on your account (capital letters vs. small letters etc).

The new Live Betting Championship structure consists of two stages; the Weekly Qualifiers (4 weeks) and the Final.

The Qualifiers Round will run from 15th April to 12th of May, where every week the top 5 players will win a place to the Live Betting Championship final. You only have to bet live on your favourite events and collect points in order to make it to the Online Final.

Qualifying period Players qualified
15th – 21st April 5 players
22nd – 28th April 5 players
29th April – 5th May 5 players
6th – 12th May 5 players
Final – 19th May

Every day during the Qualifiers Round we will update a leaderboard with the top 100 Live Betting players, using the following formula:

Amount staked

No minimum stake


Number of events in the bet slip

single, double, treble, …


Total odds of the bet slip

min odds of 1.20

Example: you bet 10 euro on a live threefold combination of which the total odds are 5.50. Your result will be 10 x 3 x 5.50 = 165 – these will be your points for that bet, if you win it.

Please note that once you opt-in, all your winning live bets count towards the leaderboard, so the more live bets you place, the more points you gather towards the leaderboard, the more chances you have to progress to the next stage. All points from your winning bets are accumulated and the 10 players with the most points at the end of each Qualifiers Round will secure their place to the Final. The points will be set back to zero after each qualifying round.

The Final:
The cream of the crop of European Live Betting players will be awarded a place to the Online Final where they will compete for the Unibet Live Betting Championship title.

The rules of the competition here change slightly. Each one of the 20 players will be given a brand new account with €100 credited in it. In an intense Live Betting “5 hour marathon” on Sunday the 19th of May we will have our Live Betting Champion. The winner will be the player with the highest balance in their account by the end of the Final. The only limitation that the contestants have is a minimum number of 30 live bets they must place during the Final.

1st place 7,500 €
2nd place 4,000 €
3rd place 2,500 €
4th place 1,500 €
5th place 1,000 €
6th place 900 €
7th place 800 €
8th place 700 €
9th place 600 €
10th place 500 €

Good luck!

Terms & Conditions:
• You need to opt-in to the promotion to be eligible to win a place to the Online final.
• Only winning live bets on bet slips with odds of at least 1.20 will count in the promotion. The offer is valid for all live bets (including live betting via mobile) .
• Cash-In live bets will not be counted towards the promotion’s leaderboards.
• The top 5 players of the weekly qualifiers leaderboard will be the players with the highest number of points, accumulated after the end of each round.
• The daily updates on leaderboards during the Qualifiers will be counting winning live bets that have been settled during the previous day from 00:01 CET to 23:59 CET
• In order to make the formula fair across multiple currencies, all leaderboards will calculate amounts in EUR so any local currencies will be converted to EUR.
• In case there are 2 players with the same number of points in the leaderboards during the Qualifiers, the winner will be the player with the highest number of winning bets. In case two players have the same number of bets, then the winner will be the player with the winning bet having the highest odds during the round.
• The leaderboard will be updated by 3pm CET every day throughout the promotion.
• You can’t buy in to the Finals. The only way of participating to the Unibet Live Betting Championship Final is by opting in to this promotion and taking part in the qualifiers
• During the online final there are no minimum odds or stake requirement
• Unibet reserves the right to change or terminate the promotion at any given moment.
• The Live Betting Final lasts for 5 hours and the players will receive 100 virtual Euros to bet with.
• The winner and ranking during the Live Betting Final will be based on the virtual balance on the players account at the end of the final.
• In case there are 2 players with the same balance in the leaderboard during the Final, the winner will be the player with the highest number of winning bets. In case two players have the same number of bets, then the winner will be the player with the winning bet having the highest odds during the round.
• Winnings from the Online Final will be paid to Unibet accounts only
• During the Final, the players need to make at least 30 live bets
• Combination bets count towards the promotion during the live Final
• The general terms and conditions of Unibet apply to this promotion.

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